Traversing the road to success.

Goodbye Steve

I never had the chance to meet Steve Jobs in person, but the sudden realization that I never will just struck me down with the most indescribable sadness. His life was an inspiration to us all, a lesson on chasing our dreams (and catching them), a fire on the shadows of conformism, the proof that true innovation comes from following your own path.

Half the globe away, I found the foothold I needed in his words on Standford to stop wasting my time and start doing what I really wanted: build my own company.

We are still struggling, since dreams are like adventures, and have uncertain destinations. I have been developing for both Mac and iOS for the last few years, out of business and pure pleasure. I hope we can eventually succeed, but if we don’t, at least it was worth it. Sometimes the journey alone is worth it, and Steve sure made the Apple road a sight worth seeing.

My condolences to all others, who just like me, have just lost their most beloved flesh and blood hero.

Raúl I. Verano (aka Rula)
Mac & iOS developer and President – Agile Route
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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